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palpate a kidney in the lateral position which could not
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of permanganate of potash, a 5 per cent, solution of car-
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doubted whether the loss of bone is per se the cause of
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formed in the absence of all organic disease, resulting
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the operation a quart was injected into the veins, followed by
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5. That it is the duty of the practitioner in attend-
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according to the author's experience, acupuncture and drain-
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disapprove section 18 of said bill as reported by the House of Rep-
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forceps, version, symphysiotomy, Cesarean section, craniotomy,
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nouncing names first becoming better. At the end of
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The habits of the people as regards eating and drinking
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meeting of the Association, or it shall publish the same in a
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Medical College, has been placed in charge of the Sisters of
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that the existing constitutional provision relative to
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without diarrhea. When orange juice can not be obtained
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ent laws. According to a recent decision of Judge LumpUn, of
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upon the dead child, or embryotomy, according to circum-
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heart is slow, the blood pressure falls and the peripheral vessels
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cells, while only lymphocytes are found in tubercular hydro-
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else in the body could. other caseous foci be found. On micro-
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after an accident is not the slightest proof of any con-
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• In spite of the complexity' of organic liquids the
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decomposed in the liver, kidneys and muscles. Wiener be-
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lower, 13 per 1000. The city was never in a healthier condi-
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on his back and rather more than normal when sitting, but
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abdominal or intracranial aneurysm, accumulations in
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iology the various forms of nephritis present marked
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discussed by Dr. J. M. T. Finney, of Baltimore, Dr. De Forest
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bacilli were agglutinated. Assuming that the foregoing
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To the Editor: — ^WIU you kindly Inform me what states do not
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ago, which not only served for the removal of refuse,
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often not readily detectable, the sweating stage is often ab-
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of the urine on either side. The means of making this
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a number of cases of hysteria. These signs, however,
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magnetism of the preacher is generally more efficacious.
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enteroptosis of Glenard's disease. 6. The relaxation
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United SUtes Army. Illustrated by 8 Plates and Nearly 400
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wotmds of large vessels, accidental or intentional, as, when for
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niau, of Cleveland, Ohio, U. M. Bracken, of Minneapolis,
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little at first. In one month the patient was entirely cured,
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Dr. Cailla, in Post-Oraduate recommends the following in
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recorded. His case occurred in a boy 4 years old. The
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