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choreic movements which sometimes precede but more frequently follow

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flammation of the pharynx at the opening of the Eustachian tube. After

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entire wall eventually becomes a cheesy ulcer in which islets of rela-

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such use may be followed by a more pronouncedly germicidal application,

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of fats, sugars, and starches. Sedentary habits, chronic alcoholism, ex-

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changes, but are so incorporated with them that they are often not to be

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formed in the course of a few hours and rapidly increasing in size. It

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in collecting the human vaccine to see that it is from healthy infants

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the term adipose ascites is employed. Such fat results from the fatty

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remedies. When pus forms, surgical interference is justifiable, as in

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ritis commences abruptly with a chill, great prostration, and high fever,

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when there is a marked tendency to anseinia and weakness. In any

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is usually occasioned by infection, although it may be due to congestion

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