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was founder of the American Public Health Association, and was

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It is an important question, as yet undetermined, whether the

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One is, that as each drug has been tested singly, and unmixed

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crease, and convulsions are not uncommon. The cause of the

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and at ihc New London Liierary and Scientific Insiitute.

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not tried until the curative effect of chromic acid had been tried

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March, four weeks from the date of attack, he sat up and

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haps the matter may be broadly and not unjustly summarized

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B. Richardson, assisted by the revelations of science, and the

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the word is commonly used. Instead of amylism or intoxication,

allegra d 12 hour side effects

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New York University Medical College and then in the Cornell Med-

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pression of the system that is consequent upon the infliction of

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MAURICE PACKARD, Bachelor of Philosophy and Master of Arts

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Anna M. Warren, Emporia, Kan. M. H. Waters, Terre Haute, Ind.

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and the Best Means of preventing their Effects, and

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observes that they who clamor loudest for truth, absolute truth,

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mind, and for this cause is to be commended. Their philosophy

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Quackery Rampant. — A nostrum vender, who is wringing

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The press-work of the " Publications " is in every respect a

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loss of strength. The bad appetite, the lack of fresh air and exercise, and

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principal of which was at that time Dr. Patterson. Later, John

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Hospital ; and is a member of the American Medico-Psychological As-

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the War of Secession the mortality was 847 per cent.; in

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forming a part of the report of the New- York Prison Associa-

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and postmaster for four years. Previous to 1908 he held the office

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Dr. Gibney prepared for college in the country schools and in an

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of 'uterine diseases, that any attempt to prove what is already

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California Stale Homceopathic Medical Society, of "i'^V'7 J. '/ J

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