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patient is brought under the treatment, the less certain is the result. It
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Nicotine or tobacco poisoning, although an extremely fatal poison,
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The advent of the barium meal revolutionized the diagnosis of lesions
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good. But the shell wounds of this w'ar are of a different tyiie.
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about. Presently one or more long flagella are suddenly projected from
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such a transfer of human blood from one individual to another could be
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. Glanders, (the) why probably fometimes occafioned by the
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remains free, and this is an important point, because the loosely combined
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This may be secondary to perforative inflammation of the gastro-
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the way by which an infection is kept up. The attendants of children
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more especially in the winter, it is associated with recurrent attacks 'of
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developed, accompanies headache. Complete or incomplete, this form is
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found highly beneficial. In brain fag, exhaustion from over study, worry,
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through them will be fo thoroughly bruifed, that it
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and abdominal pain. It is not to be supposed that diarrhoea is synony-
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the naked eye, although sometimes a few of the larger ones may be seen on
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on the face, the pulse is small and rapid ; vomiting and hiccough may be
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time there is no other evidence of scurvy present. In cases of severe
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light, quick patter of running feet on the sidewalk, just in front
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may anfwer this purpofe very properly ; efpecially if
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complete obstruction to the flow of bile through the ducts, the rise in
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development of the body.) Gradually the emphysematous spaces,
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home hospitals. Here the age of mauv may be between 4.") and
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natural tranfparent ftate were tranfmitted to the back
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pletely ceased with 28 mgm. of morphine and whose blood pressure had
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in an advanced condition of putrefaction have been found still to con-
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possible to say in what way improper feeding produces rickets. It may be
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headings, full details may be found. In some cases, especially those
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instances only are we actually dealing with a "new" addition to our
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low, and is also diminished in the early part of the attack. The excretion
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error can be avoided by telling the patient not to swallow after the cough,
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fclves ; for they are fubje(^ to abortion : confcquent-
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