Amantadine Mechanism Of Action In Multiple Sclerosis

grain once dail}', and increases the dose very gradually. Hammond
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larger branch arises which passes medially to supply an area of
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solely to the so-called purely motor branches of the N. masti-
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from a series of experiments, which consisted in the division,
amantadine mechanism of action in multiple sclerosis
in friction, morning and evening, to the hands and feet. He
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and completely with the anterior portion of Reissner's fiber
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birth generally causes the death of the child, and cases have been reported
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pains below the mammae, or between the false ribs and ileum, so often mistaken
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tion. The symptoms resemble closely those of suppurative nephritis and
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for twelve 3- ears, came to see me accompanied b}^ liis attending physician.
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Dr. Elliotson says from obstructed motion ', he says it is heard
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The m-opellin^ force is derived from the accumulation of urine behind the
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of consciousness for an instant, or for a few moments onl}^ Frequentl}-,
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Without this knowledge, the foam or blood on the lips and the wounded
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(table 13, fig. 2) (at least 3.5 mg. per day), but like most of the
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spread on a soft material, such as French wadding, and covered with
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which may lay the foundation for incurable and grave lesions of the heart.
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resemble, except in size, the strands on the arterial walls.
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tiva is touched, showing the preservation of the reflex function.
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gives the results of an analysis of 196 cases, these being all the cases
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the paroxysms never occurring in the daytime, the existence of the affec-
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its mode of production to the rolling murmuring sound pro-
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acuteness of the local manifestations. The fever appears to be sympto-
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sixty-four dehcate sheaths are visible. Attention may also be
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interfere with eacli other by overlapping at their edges, it
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such as small doses of morphia or some of the succedanea of opium, viz.,
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El autor describe las relaciones perif^ricas y la distribuci6n
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8). This would indicate that one of the main differences in
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ture at evening and morning, the maximum being in the evening, the
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