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cold. The tumour is now large, but gives him no pain; he experiences no

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2 An Elementary Treatise on Midwifery ; or Principles of Tokology and Embry-

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is clear on the mountains," and "the fogs conduct to the earth the elec-

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lacerate the anterior capsule very freely at the first operation.^ The condi-


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diagnosis, but the especial practical inference is that

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views and manner of teaching of one who was not a little distinguished as

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or elsewhere, bacilli may not be found in spite of pro-

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disturbances — physical and mental depressions; with tempera-

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marres retractor is equally unsatisfactory, while a

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Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine at Paris, and other learned

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121 Defective Elimination and ButTalo Lithia Water as a Relief.

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Surgical,) the editor has been pleased to make the following remarks, con-

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been fraught. Eoughly classified, the miscarriages ap-

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before Congress partake of this character, and are to

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not fit for their functions until they have been distributed in thin and fine

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and that in both instances the heavy cells have a greater

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persons, in 'whose urine there was no inosite, to drink large quan

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the patient and that "his breathing stopped and he died."

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"In France, it is universally admitted, the department of Pathology has

in rheumatoid arthritis sulfasalazine reduces the rate of appearance of

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German, Greek, chemistry or physics. They will all be required

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bility of malignancy more than a passing thought. We

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— those which diminish the action of the heart and arteries — have been

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fresh fount, which may supply the greater part of the United States.

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would cause not only a decided decrease in the number

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Joseph E. Muse, of Maryland, has published his experiments with iron upon

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normal substances or irritants reaching the intestine from

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character that as much as possible may be accomplished

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of mankind and the lower animals — to minute organ-

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The first of these pamphlets is well adapted — as it was devised — for fixing

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forty-five days, showing a range of temperature varying from