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Treatment. — In regard to the fulfillment of any possible causal indication
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Surgery of the Highland Agricultural Society) to use any style, title,
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pain in the spleen, are usually only slight. With larger spleens, however,
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saliva in facial paralysis, and of the lachrymal secretion in trigeminal neu-
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.shown by symptoms of nerve irritation (pain, paresthesia). It is, of course,
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decide absolutely. [A steady rise of temperature or a very high temperature
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and vn Natural History, vnelvding Botany and Geology, — ^These scholar*
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fined to such parts). It is seen on the hands, arms, face, neck, and, if the
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AC origin, check tlo.t. ohly the type, specid^, and gra'de, but a1so\he ;
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becomes stationary. These are, however, entirely dissimilar morbid processes
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^ effects of sudi factors as noise* vibratlms* fsiiiact ma ^-gorm m\ aerospace efew
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at least two years of his tenure of the scholarship, and the remainmg
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At Triniiy, candidates for residence ui October are usually examined in th^
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by Du Bois-Eeymond from observations on himself, the forehead and ear on
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didate must pay a fee of 5s. for each subsequent examination. Can-
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generous gift of $300,000 by Frederick H. Rawson, president of the Union Trust Com-
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regulations, and to refuse further registration to a student whom his instructors believe
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as anyone speaks to him, his condition usually becomes much worse. On the
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examinations required from candidates for graduation in medicine.
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gangrene" (q. v.), and also certain forms of scleroderma and some similar
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tical importance. If disease of the stomach does develop (e. g., chronic gas-
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(If there ^4**! ^\ S^flro llJj** ^* 1^ ^^^^^^ partsftlzed.
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a limited number of students can be present on each occasion. The
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and consequent passive congestion. There is a tendency to bronchitis and
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processes, milk my be heati^ by ^tlrect steam injection, tteit is applied in hot v^lls
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prizes of 60 dols. each and three of 45 dols. each. Prizes for
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and Animal Physiology ; (4) Geology and Mineralogy. Candidates may
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a recognised physician for three years, and have attended two courses
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1 There are special "tactile compasses" with blunt ivory points and graduated quadrants.
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(3) The coccygeal vertebra are fused with the sacral mass at the front and"
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Frequently the hysterical anaesthesias require no separate treatment. They
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are awarded in one department, on the recommendation of that department approved
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desirable. Fresh air, which is certainly an advantage, need not for this reason be
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only exceptionally found to be positive in tabes. The cytological and chem-
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find many patients who have suffered or who still suffer from severe neuralgia,
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corresponds to the picture of a pernicious anaemia.
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Sam Banks, M.D., Assistant in Surgery; Assistant Resident.
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the fear of cancer of the breast. This dread occurs particularly where there
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