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Recovery with primary union, uncomplicated. A marked contrast —
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amount of ether necessary to attain the desired end."
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The Colorado State Medical Society. — At the annual
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be held at St. Mark's Hospital, 177-179 Second avenue, on Saturday,
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ally divide higher than the line of incision, so it is
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dermic injection of morphine. This gave some relief, and
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century science, it is almost weirdly interesting to
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protection for the double cross from European governments.
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full tenfold. Nearly one third of all the men in the
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7. A Case of Dysbasia Angiosclerotica with the Symp-
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to work because of constant and severe headache. Always under treat-
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divides the cases in which he has used tuberculin in
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tunate thing for farmers and their families. We re-
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of the clinical course of the disease ; its stereotyped
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appear slowly. Spietshoff has obtained good results
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October 20th, Dr. Isaac C. Johnson, aged sixty-three years.
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12. Acetonaemia : An Account of an Acute Attack in a
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stitutions which exist in certain, if not all, sec-
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152 cases were reported, and from August 1st to i8th. 105
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Treatment of Hyperthyreoidism. There will be a general
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the prevention of insanity throughout the State. This
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