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complain of uneasy sensations, heaviness in ihe precordial region, occasional
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Physicians and Surgeons, New York, &c. &c. Fifth edition: 2 vols. 8vo.
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fluids are congealed, and in the other so quickly evaporated that it actually
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Pituitrin (1 c.c. of a 10 per cent, solution). This drug acted
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The organism stains by the Gram methods, though the short
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coincides with those of Daudelocque, viz., that it rarely proves fatal to the child.
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heart, besides the blood yielded to it by the arteries, the fluid which the lym-
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by the ingestion of the flesh of infecied animals, by contact with them, and by
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a doctrine referred to in the present work,* which was subsequently
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gold leaf without experiencing the least effect in consequence; but from the
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the symptoms. For example, in 1743, "autumnal intermittents
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rose and in a few minutes spit up nearly a pint of fiorid blood; the
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was that of a young lady, set. 24, who had experienced the ordi-
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pare away the edges, the complicated "portes" for the needles, and "serre
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the interest of work or by the attempt to get into a spiritual atmos-
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all that relates to the foramina, and shows conclusively that he was ignorant of
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account before the operation is decided upon. If the patient be feverish or
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1898. Brannan, John W., 11 West 12th St., New York.
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eases, each, however, characterized by the same phenomena in the early stage,
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are somewhat restricted in transmission, but there is no apparent change
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panied by pain of the stomach, tenderness of the epigastrium, or any other
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sent. Of the efficacy of tartar emetic in producing the first ef!ect,
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them will permit. In a practical point of view their consideration might
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involving vital phenomena; forgetful of the fact that such causes act a distinct,
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separations by ether, chloroform or thymol chloroform solutions,
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and the reader's time. Although, until of comparatively late years, left alto-
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us, with its functions so completely suspended, and the general symp-
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whole limb inwards. The patient recovered sulhciently well to be able to walk,
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attending physician stated at this time that the child had some congenital
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the right side of the abdomen, and a moderately firm tumour, apparently
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plague itself. The descriptions of Sydenham and others, are not
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The first function is performed by the facial portion of the seventh nerve and
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in nipple line. There are no murmurs or abnormal sounds present. The
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sant symptoms; the wound healed in a few days, and he never had any
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