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to 100 gm. of bread; then follows one of a low protein diet, con-
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lieved. Three weeks later corset belt and arch supports applied,
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Another point which Titchner explains in his last text-book
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Ohio, by conferring upon him the degree of Master of Arts. Dr. Wood
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what result? Only the faithful few respond. I know who will be
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This is indeed a fine record, and it will give pleasure to the heart of
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death of Earl Cawdor, who has for many years been identified with the wel-
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Dr. Thorburn — We offered to sell the building and could not get purchasers. I think,
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It is interesting to note in the Deutsche medizinische Wo-
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If the suture material be so inserted as to be removable, once or-
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Pulse. Perhaps one of the most important symptoms of all
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by Rev. John W. Hamilton, resident Bishop of the Methodist
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at forty, and the other is the patient who presents the following his-
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room, linen rooms and clothes rooms. On the first floor are a
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missions during this period 46.31 per cent. Among these were
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intervention of any secondary or auxiliary neurone.
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vation of temperature, or intense pain, of saturation of the dress-
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and well equipped group of buildings for the immediate accommodation
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to the mind to be differentiated among, in this man's condition.
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It is comparatively easy to follow the blazed trail, even though
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2. They do not enable the operator to freshen the fractured
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Books for review, exchanges and contributions— the latter to be contributed to the Gazette
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well. Then last summer she began to lose weight, (normally 140
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out thought of. the disposal of the excreta or the care of his person.
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And so as the years pass by and he approaches the allotted
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of the division not later than the hour of two o'clock, p.m., on the 8th November, 1898, the
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Dr. Geikie and Dr. Fowler, are the proud owners of names by which to conjure in this Canada
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thing of this kind being done ; in every paper, in every town and every village throughout
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Medicine interesting addresses were delivered by Professor George
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in other words, the crisis occurred in 52 per cent, of the cases
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this matter before the Council. I think he has brought it fairly and very ably before the
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stomach, 1; carcinoma of the breast, 2; rodent ulcer, 3; sarcoma
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a reception at the London Homoeopathic Hospital, tendered by
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resistance, and as both of these are directly controlled by the
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fered from its predecessors not so much in its essential plan as in
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ence, which will be held in Washington, D. C, from May 7 to 17, 1912.
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A heavily coated tongue, sometimes with yellow fur, but usually
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Dr. Evans would be read to the committee. There are a number of letters which I have