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ders in these cases. Before its introduction I lost a great

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tendency to progressive reduction in the number of cases has also been

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Resume. — That the treatment of typhoid fever presents the most

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■compressible, having lost its dicrotic character. Bystanders who are

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arm without severe pain. Then a brief but sharp attack of myalgia

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encourage the drinking of it, and are handy for travellers

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cars and pick oranges from the trees. Passing down the

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Coming on after this hardening of the arteries, we have en-

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As Brand graphically says, and I can confirm from personal observa-

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practical use, owing largely to difficulty in administration. This out-

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*' There is also an apprehension that surgery is too often resorted

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impact of cold, and the subsequent calming of their irritation by the

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exception to the rule), on April 10th, to one hundred and thirty-eight pounds.

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Drs. George Peabody and Austin Flint have made the same observation

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for one or two seconds as a tonic, and if well borne repeated oftener.

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the increase is too great to be fallacious — 1,800,000 red cells and

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kenhaus, from 1874 to 1876, we owe all that is known of its applica-

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staphylococcus), in the enlarged glands, in the pus from the buboes, the

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(2) Atmospheric Temperature. — The spirillum of cholera can only

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with ptomaine poisoning. I had been well and very busy.

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pack. The room in which the wet pack is administered should be well

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membrane, or otherwise, or by the mouth only, as the comma

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the regular course, and is confined to one part of the body, and cases

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it as the "Mydriatic digitalis." In my estimation it is far superior to

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ous Classes — The Degenerates — How shall the Problem be solved? 173

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clusion of convalescence the hair falls out, but, fortunately, it is invari-

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the secondary form being the more common, and it may be either unilat-

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allied genera of mephitis (skunks), putorius (minks), and

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are the problems confronting the physician, the alienist, the

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utilized as the basis of hydrotherapy. Deviating from the prevalent

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troublesome, and wiring is now a favorite procedure, with

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monia, 12 severe throat affections, 12 perforations, 3 intestinal hemor-

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gland, brain (cortical portion), ovaries, and testicles.

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ate grade, a full and somewhat accelerated pulse, raging headache, and

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to limiting the spread of typhoid, is (Iif<i)it\>ction, and the following brief

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in different years, one year making good wine, and another

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extreme ; there are delirium and often stupor : the temperature may or

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during the treatment for bedsores that Riess obtained with great sat-

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