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their destination is the lumbar region of the myel, or, perhaps
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of the man that predisposes to it. To illustrate, I have had four
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may be used if there is much atrophy of the thigh.- At this period (end of
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a record shall be kept by doctors who are treating and adminis-
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extends over beyond them to the adjacent fauces is certainly in
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internal capsules. Fornix, corpora albicantia, anterior commissure, and
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dant serous sputum. Then, too, genuine crises are seldom witnessed ; the
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it most probably intra-mural. The patient stated that there had been
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rowths and a total disappearance of others. Nevertheless a renewed devel-
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most satisfactory results. The cases reported where permanent relief from
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and a member of the Medical Society, County of Kings from 1906-
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atmosphere have shown that while the amount is pretty constant within
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Spontaneous union of divided nerves in the extremities is very rare. In
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Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, etc. 8vo , pp. 104. London: J. &
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tion, and the inflammatory products are scarcely aflfected by this treat-
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Dr. Van Arsdale reported thirteen cases of general septic
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perhaps itself unrecognized, does no violence to the most exact-
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politician. That they are uneconomic and unsafe may be under-
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finest achievements of modern experimental physiology. It more
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he had announced that he had stood for health insurance, he so
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observation leads me to the conclusion that radium has a far greater
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their condition. I don't believe in too much medical treatment after
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least two cases in which the results were very mischievous, and hence
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The after-history of the case was simply that of a perineal sec-
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winds, the unbroken, monotonous expanse of sea and sky, the separation
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due to a constriction of the divided vessels as well as to coagulation of the
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Another source of appendiceal trouble, although doubtless not
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which I do not recollect having ever seen described. It somewhat re-
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Oyster Bay, the first, July 12, 1905 and the second October 15th,
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above the sinus of Valsalva, was found an excrescence, somewhat
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each day, the normal condition. To properly understand this
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Anus, say: "Gummatous deposits and infiltration of the sub-
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anterior edge of the masseter muscle, and the growth enucleated by means
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before that time in other public services held by me. In this paper I
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and in seven considerable relief. The writer believes that nephrorrhaphy
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up with a description of cases arranged upon an anatomical basis, and
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made upon it until it comes through in order to start the dilata-
himalaya speman tablet benefits
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tralize its effects. And further I presume that he must have a