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is yeasty in character. Blood is not often present in the discharges. An

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Morbid Anatomy. — The gall-bladder is enlarged, nodular and adher-

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ear. In weak solutions it is iiseful for cleansing the throat and mouth

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in some chronic diseases hastens the fatal issue. Colicky pains and cramps

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physema, pulmonary collapse, dilated bronchi, and fibrous phthisis. It is

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while if the innominate alone is involved, the impulse will be markedly

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suddenly check diarrhoea, or hemorrhages, but if they become exhausting

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especially those of the lower extremities. It is the result of increased

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the patient over the period of greatest danger ; but their use should not

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and tlie intercostal spaces are depressed and wider than above. If the eni-

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the dilatation is very large, surrounded by fibrous tissue,and near the surface.

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stage, it will diminish the severity of the cold and hot stages. Whether,

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not contagious or inoculable ; while diphtheria is markedly so. In croup

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on one side than another, so that a greater part of the bronchial sac lies out of the axis of the bronchial

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or it may be chronic from the onset. An extensive adhesive or sero-

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an amputation stump to check the hemorrhage. Sometimes the stump,

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by palpitation and dyspnoea. In such cases the patient is very apt to im-

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and, if possible, remove its cause. Antemic subjects should take iron in

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tion in general are those of "snuffles" or a chronic catarrh. Mucous

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pain in a part along the course of a certain nerve. The pain is usually

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may also happen with the muscles attached to the greater tuberosity.

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the bowels occur from dorsal, lumbar, or rib lesions affecting

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musculoskeletal pain and tamoxifen and arimidex

pated. In some cases of metastatic pancreatitis the stools are watery and

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3. Where severe secondary hemorrhage G. Rupture of the aneurysm subcutane-

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regarded as due to a neurosis luhicli depends wpon the existence of a ixculiar

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removal of part of the sutures and establishing drainage. Pent-up

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Fahr., are also advocated even for young children. Jiirgenseu recommends

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may be married, single, or widows, and must produce a certificate of moral

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Morbid Anatomy. — It is one of the mildest of the eruptive fevers. It

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pale-red or greenish color, have a tough, leathery feel, and be entirely

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ably regarded as the others of this class. Opium and sedatives probably

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little inconvenience. Cyanosis and dropsy and signs of heart failure, dila-

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to this list, but it has had so slight a trial that nothing can be said pro or

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at the same time great care must be exercised lest the depletion be carried

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internal medication, I have little conlidence in any of the so-called

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— dose, five to ten drops ; and the fluid extract of senna and spigelia is often

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Partial dislocations, the result of injury or muscular contractions, are

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abnormal quantity of fat, and there is undoubtedly an hereditary predispo-

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in childhood or adult life, than in old age. Pleurisy, asthma, bronchitis

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tric nerve, one must be prepared at any moment to perform tracheotomy

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This is a common form of cardiac degeneration. It may be circum-

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brane of the stomach is usually the seat of chronic catarrh, and the spleen

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3. Where severe secondary hemorrhage G. Rupture of the aneurysm subcutane-