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was drawn through the incision and a loop sutured together for

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the rheumatic state may be extremely slight or even non-existent.

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times greater than that to be found in the general population outside of

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these years has apparently never conceived of the practical necessity

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tions were made ; some parallel with, and including the corpus, some so

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purulent otitis media, who had suffered finally with intense pain in her ear

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spondence with the various operators he has endeavored to bring the history

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vastly improved in its technique, which prevents leakage of the

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where? he says there is one prime factor which more than

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gical Association at Atlantic City last year. The first is that trauma

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intestinal wall and show both pathological and pyogenic prop-

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and glaucoma ; Reynier, Dreyfuss, and Schwabach have observed otitis with

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Every physician is requested to cooperate with the Council of

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middle class, the plan which Dr. Pattison presents should be con-

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He may not engage in the business of selling, unless he sells

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death was caused by suspension was not long ago reported in an Italian

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be absorbed too soon, but otherwise works well. Horse-hair may be

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Dr. Knight was born in Brooklyn, N. Y., June 24, 1876, and

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called for the lady of the boarding-house where she was stopping, and

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somewhat tense and slight tenderness over the left hypochondriac region.

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quinine, strong bearing-down pains came on — ' worse than any labor pains

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shanks are placed laterally ; Siebold's lock is employed. The forceps is six-

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particularly liable to exhibit severe nervous symptoms.

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consisted of a moderate contraction in the antero-posterior diameter of the

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Physical Examination was negative, except for the left thigh, above the

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also among the common causes of insanity ; but chorea itself is a cause

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In one instance there was an association with congenital anomaly —

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observations, which, unfortunately, must be omitted for want of space.

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and absolute safetv, so as to do good without the risk of evil,

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it is parallel with the surface. Dendrites, which frequently anas-

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impediment to proper and full respiration — usually in nasal or

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worthy. I have since made it a routine part of my examinations to

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Later the French school insisted upon the value of quantities of

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with associated internal secretions and enzymes, show how

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and not of the hysteric type. Iron, salts, arsenic, and bromides were

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by patient until March 5, 1918. Through a right rectus incision the stomach

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