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or two of its phenomena, especially when such phenomena are very

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is in a general way very suggestive of new growth of the lungs.

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and indicates the use of laryngotomy, or of partial excision of

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500 ml tap water. Set aside for 48 hours and filter.

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able should not, however, result in their being wasted. Sera having

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embryo (commonly found in constipated stools of hookworm patients) ; P, egg

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certain. The hands and feet were very cold, the latter much

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often capable of establishing an initial immunity from an infection with

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twenty years ago. For many years he has been constipated,

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and also to cause a hyperplasia of the epithelial elements, and an increased

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a. General. Ionized calcium in solution is necessary for coagu-

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ml burette deliver 14.14 ml of standardized 1 N sulfuric

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20 ml of water, followed by HC1 or trichloracetic acid,

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Treatment. — The patient, should be strictly isolated, especially in

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autopsy he was found to have a tuberculous stricture.

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record that an increasing edema sometimes is accompanied by a

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chamber of the eye and the products of necrosis, may call forth a suppurat-

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Pfeiffer, Issaeff, and others have shown that instead of living or dead

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tumefaction and pus formation (the Strauss reaction).

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job than he had previously held. In August, 1920, two years

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delphia in 1876, and by the much greater number who are famil-

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placed upon a granulating surface will prevent the scars from appearing at all un-

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same size and shape as those in the series. The 0.01071 N

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(d) To the wash bottle (W, fig. 16) add 5 drops of caprylic

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density.) Place 500 to 2,000 ml in a distilling flask of capacity

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the onset of mild needle-like pains one hour after meals and in

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The coronary arteries disclosed only a "moderate amount of

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made with a sharp scalpel, deep enough to break the epidermis,

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Following the discussion of this subject in the allopathic

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of doubt on the one hand, and on the other giving rise to a

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films, its body tends to be shaped like the letter "C"

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expose the parties and attempt to bring the perpetrator of the

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trophy occurs often and quite independent of pregnancy.

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work. Eight years ago she had an attack of pain in the right

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removing all the bacilli from suspension, this method

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The doses used clinically were one half to one and a half