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passes anteriorly and slightly medially along the ventral surface

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the muscles ; and that, too, notwithstanding that several open-

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nerve, the ventricle with its olfactory, infundibular, and spinal prolongations.

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tjoatothestudy of regional anatomy, ofiequal value idd largely to the interest attachioc to its technical

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in considering cases of other affections as cases of smallpox, the follow-

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of several cases then in progress, the clinical history furnished abundant

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foration does not occur in t3'phus. Hemorrhage from the bowels is one

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into the peritoneal cavity, as in the case of which I have given a con-

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Fig. 31 Portion of the septal plexus of the nervus terminalb of kitten one

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the idea that they eliminate the alcohol from the system. But the affec-

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embryological history of the nerve in Squalus, proposed the name

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cases of renal disease, in which during life the manifestations of gout were

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of the orbit. Some of these join the nasociliary nerve, and

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paid to the large ganglionic mass (figs. 1, 2 and 3, gn.) which

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sions are not otherwise to be accounted for. Their non-recurrence affords

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to vegetable decomposition in marshy localities, and called ???ars7i- miasm,

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go concisely put together, that the busy practitioner,

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3 Bartelmez, G. W. 1915 Mauthner's cell and the nucleus inortorius teg-

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has, therefore, no claim to be reckoned among the different lesions which

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this solution contain a grain of quinia. Prof. McCread}^ has not ob-

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remains terminal in its peripheral distribution leaves the brain

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during the development of the disease are essentially the same as in

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In the squirrel also (not figured) one large ganghon was present

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ered. This w\as the last case admitted on that da}^, and bloodletting was

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The remedies which experience has shown to be useful in diabetes are