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in considerable strength. For this reason it is indicated to
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" 'Dear Sir, — I received your letter a few days since, requestiiif? my mode of
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tracts from this valuable paper are particularly interesting'. Dr. Bow-
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fever, pulse, state of the tonsils and extent of the exudation, with
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from which having recovered, he now suffered from debility and a
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taltic action and contraction of the urinary bladder. It is an
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Emplastrum Saponis. Soap Plaster. (U. S. & B. P.)
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parts of water ; insoluble in alcohol ; reaction neutral.
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distance of a mile or more from the outskirts of the town, beyond
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1 — scalded, 1 — sore throat, 2 — unkno^vn, 2.
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pearance of the disease and its sequela}. From the outset to a per-
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De\ths IN Boston for the week ending Saturday noon, November 29th, 61. Males, 30— Females, 31.
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of boiling alcohol. Also soluble in 78 parts of chloroform,
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grazed the popliteal, inflicting sufficient injury to the coats of that
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ed and dark. The pulse was quick and feeble, and the patient com-
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purum, sulfas ferrosus, ferrum vitriolatitm purum, E.; ferrum
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whom the encysted rlisease of one of the kidneys was proliably con-
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soluble in alcohol, ether, and chloroform, hot benzin and fixed and
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tion was hi'_Mily favorable, his health having been excellent ever since
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extensive and of long duration, is practically incurable
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The number of births is very evenl}' distributed among the four sea-
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Nervous System. — Chloroform influences the nervous
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ment recommended by Dr. Fenner of New Orb ans and other eminent
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These few observations I have made by way of preface to the state-
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out with discretion and fidelity, to the great advantage of the inmates
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sistant sur;jei)n<? ami the others be placed at the ht-ad of larj^^o
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Dr. Bedford's excellent work was very fully reviewed in our pafj^'os on
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rally from three to si.x lines in diameter, and an abundance of hair.