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whose symptoms were first controlled by thiouracil. Patient
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American pork even after it had been microscopically inspected.
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cotton-seed meal is probably the most valuable protein-bearing feed
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cially apply to industrial health. This is done with
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had got hurt. There were some with broken legs and some with gored sides. There
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ing state aid are subject to the direction of the state adviser in hog
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the conduct of its business. Operations during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1906, are
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perl'orniin'i' pniietnre of the medulla that is, liy ereatinj: an irritative
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means of boiliiiLr sulphuric ai'id and the eonstitueiils ai-'ain determined,
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sinee these amino neids are also present in the tissues, it mipht he su,.
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lead us to the law of thr .prrifir prnprrlir, nf vcrvf. which is to the
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mal and mottled, the edges were blimt and the surface
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live cattle or our meats, it was impossible to present as forcible
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whole, and also be to the best interests of the local med-
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per cent) had definite peritonitis but no perforation. From one of
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is undesirable from the standpoint of construction and sanitation to
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iiotliiiii.' to ilo w ith the Niiiiiiciital mMM's, Imt their ner\e cells sciid (iliei's
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the infested animals are few and are controlled by the State and
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still remained almost intact. The new cross proved successful and
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Carie, St. Joseph (1949). Associate Members— J. William Flem-
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In the storage cellars the windows were filthy, and cobwebs were noticed in many
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riodic headaches, vertigo or paresthesia in the form
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roiiiii. noted that delinite inorhid ehaiiu'cs in the |ianereas were a fre
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causing death. This probably would not have occurred had a railing been placed about
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of tho postural museulatufo of tl.e lu„ly. mainly of the extensor rnt.s-
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were received the work of formulating rules to govern the work of
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(The physician who made the puncture is certain that there was no
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to the buyer, because the buyer will not go to the horse. That may
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■ Frederick A. Erskine, M.D., and Walter L. Nalls, M.D.,
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Clinical representatives on the staff of the department of pathology, 102.
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a similar dcirree of acidosis iiia> lie itrodiiccd in partially starve(l ani