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its neighbors until the time of Peter the Great when, it ap-
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patient, however, the gut again descended in a few hours, and all attempts
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tion, both in determining the character and gravity of disease,
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"With these indications and symptoms before us, euphrasia
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stage of engorgement. As hepatization of the engorged lung
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will disappear. In other words, the object of the examination is
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as of animal origin, and as proceeding from human blood. —
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increase the number of his friends in the profession.
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Looses flesh, and if relief is not given it will die in a few
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Methylthioninae Hydrochloridum — Methylthionine Hydro-
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ciate the fact that the vital processes can only be performed in
abnormal conditions it seems to have the power to bring back
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In acute bronchitis apomorphine, in doses of 1-40 grain to
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the orbits and frontal region. The patient holds his head in a
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shows that a number of accidents, unknown till the pre-
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The chief virtue, however, of it, as a hcemostatic, is,
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firm the diagnosis of expression, especially as regards the im-
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ful. The patient, aged twenty-five, had fistula from sloughing of the anterior
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were neither painful, perverted, nor troubled by any affec-
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eases there is a feeling of separateness between the part and the
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palpated, and one needs only to observe their attempts at palpa-
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turning. The animal frequently comes in contact with ob-
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when imperfect and arrests excessive prostatic discharges. It is
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In our own case this possibility was suggested b}' the fact that the
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virus, and from the difficulty of keeping the part clean
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effort were made to hold it in position; parts fall of their own
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intermittent fevers. It is also said to relieve cases of hyper-
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the pulse and the energy of the cardiac contractions indicates
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ures for her relief. Her mind has been cloudy for the last
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1-20 1o 1-10 grain by the mouth; 1-25 to 1-6 grain hypodermic-