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followed by a more or less prolonged period of normal urine. Glycosuria

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early life, and even when one parent has died in middle age of the disease a

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b not uncommon in these. Hemorrhage is rare. Necrosis sometimes occurs.

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of simple goitre. In women the history of the sexual organs in relation to

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spinal, or cerebral; although from the distribution and general features we

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the same function, and if no other essential tissue is involved, recovery is

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the cases prove to have been due to tuberculosis of the lun^s. Occasionally

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conditions is considcrahly ditferent in many rcjrai'tls from that <d' skcl

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show marked degeneration, partial dislocation occurs early, muscular atrophy

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is often considerably restricted, and the swelling may extend for some distance

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Aortic Regurgitation. — ^In exceptional mstances a few English Companies

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group of these cases. Of the 10 cases recorded, simple persistent enlarge-

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are common, but intense itching, such as is so distressing in ordinary urti-

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fined to the lower portion, especially the ureteral mouths, which may be of

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point out the glaring inconsistencies between our clinical and necropsy

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. xist, a school of fa.ldists who, l.y delilierafely chewinR far beyond

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Vincent, Biedl, Wiesel). Biedl and Wiesel, and Mulon, produced glyco-

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of the symptoms. Unfortunately symptoms referable to the kidney may be

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the view that these cases are manifestations of arthritis deformans in child-

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» Soc. d'Anthrop., 1878, p. 280. * Arch, de Tocologie, 1876, iii, 45.

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ease. It will also usually enable one to make an accurate diagnosis, ruling

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whicli the lilood is collected ami the animal from \vliich it is derivi

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improved circulation in and between the tubules and glomeruli is the regen-

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and recumbent postures are made use of and all transmission and maxi-

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\i\ inliiliits the tonus and the lunn:i'i' cont i-ietions fof ffom thfee to (i\i

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condition of tonic spasm of the face muscles in five members of his own

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till' ai'idit> is iiii'irasfd, il MTi'limi nl" aiiiiiiiiiiia is iisuali\- i;ri'af<'i'.

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to have complete ankylosis. For a time the patient may be able to open the