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usually the left, in the sac may cause hoarseness, loss of voice, and
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such substances acted differently on hemophilic than on normal plate-
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are the persons loudest in proclaiming the character of the treatment
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knowledge commits us to no ''notiones temere a rebus abstractse."
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ing. The feet also arc swollen and in some cases the enlargement is
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Chronic diffuse nephritis; fatal; no hyperpnea; RpH 8.5; plasma
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notice, and wrote it under severe pressure of time and other engage-
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mally pressed away from the wall of the chest and lies against it only
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village Sa, next door to a pellagrin, whose son she married.
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partly thrombosed. The same condition was found in the left arm.
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In this formula W is the wedge reading less the zero reading, R is
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iodid three times daily. During this two weeks of treatment the headache and
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sidered apart from the clinical history and physical findings, we should
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In the absence of any insufficiency the second sound is feeble.
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or other intercurrent disease to which a patient, enfeebled by myxce-
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ments primarily engaged, and the series of which the affection forms a
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years is not an uncommon period for the disease to last, and it may
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Lewis, Ryffell and others 1 have shown that lactic acid is not increased
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Fig. 13.— Cardiorenal disease, Case 1. The black dots and connecting lines
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mitted my patients, during several years of observation, to a rigorously
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lasted four years. Recently other cases had occurred in which simi-
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21. Mikulicz: Berl. klin. Wchnschr., 1895. xxxii, 342. Reinbach: Mitt. a. d.
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no marked symptoms though there was a general weakness. In addition to
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sulphonephthalein 32 per cent, in two hours; RpH 8.5
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* 100. Bramwell : British Medical Journal, February, 1894.
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some cases it is swelling of some part of the upper or lower limbs
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pockets of the semilunar valves, and may occur also temporarily in
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shown in Table 2 and the data are presented graphically in Figure 1.
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contractions which are observed in arteriosclerosis and chronic renal
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gland, which had either become useless or had been removed. As
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some enlargement with subsequent final dilatation, and murmurs may
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He was given seven doses of salvarsan and six intraspinal treatments with
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stay in the hospital. The tendency of the systolic, diastolic and pulse
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form of phlebitis if proper antiseptic precautions are taken, but a
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canula. Standard doses of nicotin (1 c.c. of 1 to 4,000 solution) and
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quent among those who used eggs daily. The Filipino who develops
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rendered. If in addition to these two symptoms an individual show-
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Four of the six cases of advanced chronic nephritis in Tabic 6
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also has a deterrent effect on the thrombin. 17 It is thus possible to
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The temporals, the brachials, and the radials may present the hard