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solution 35 grammes of lactose per litre. This quantity of sugar represents

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evidence of angina or stomatitis, 24 were found who yielded diphtheria bacilli

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Atrophy of the Uterus following Castration. — Gottschalk {Archiv fur

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the protective covering which it forms ; (6) it is non-poisonous, from 75 to

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3. The brain does not resent surgical procedures more than any other part

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1. The effect of various anaesthetics, \z., ether, chloroform, and the

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actual observations that the bacilli are often present without giving rise to

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El Tor, on the southern coast of the Isthmus of Suez opposite and below

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presented the following communication to the Academy of Medicine :

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cal circumstances, and that the mode of adjustment to these changes

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cian' in the United States ('arztlicher Politiker')

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rectum, and is often accompanied by severe tenesmus, especially during defe-

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and minor muscles, then the iliac vessels, were exposed, and the ureter

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creas, fifty gave more or less "positive" reactions.

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12. Further Observations on the Milk Supply of Washing-

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husky. Examination showed no anaemia of the mucosa,

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fection. A case recently reported by Durck, in which the staphylococcus

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shortest reaction being 0.8 second ; her longest, 4.00 sec-

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In.structor in Medicine; Miss Barbara Childers, Instructor of Dietetics; Miss Dorothy Inscorc,

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in his position as Chief of Staff will see that the

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cases there was anaemia, but this condition was not so common as it is in

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upon us. It is evident that the process difTers entirely from osteoma-

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new injection should never be given until all signs

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the homes of the sick poor, to a similar system hav-

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erty. At times she went several days without speaking

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trophe. The truth is that in the ap])lications which