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recollect, in the scale placed before me when I gave evidence
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tendo Aehillis and posterior ligaments, even severe wrenching
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we can only leave his readers to accept the assertion or not
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complete account of the disease, at leitist three years before
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was surprised to find anyone stating that tarsectomy was not
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seems to me much to be said in favour of the general meta-
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be cured. Probably the first curative eSbrt would be initiated
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WEST HERTS INFIRMARY, Hemel Hempstead.— House-Surgeon and
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The quarterly meeting of this Association was held at Uni-
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weeks to a boy peeling after genuine scarlet fever, and yet did not con-
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school rests with the School Committee of the city or town.
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Keratosis and Deep Cracks at the Flexures of the Fingers,
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lobster is of considerable interest ; so also is the case of the
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bridge, and last wetk at Netley. He proceeds next week to
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a large reservoir of splendid chalk water in their view on tlie
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Acts, he had taken any steps to secure an early report from the Royal
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persons generally consider nursing to be required only in
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in the third left space and over the fourth rib, evidence of considerable
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but when complications exist the result is much more un-
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Salary, £40 per annum, and £Ii^ allowed for travelling and other ex-
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England are already enormous, and cannot easily becalculated.
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It is common to speak of cases in children above the age of 2
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coat, and always mainly implicated one or other or both of