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bed looking rather sallow. There was pain and tenderness in the right
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every medical officer, whatever his position, attached to a
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Athens appointed him Professor of Surgical Pathology and
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!Nevison Loraine, Rev. J. M. Sungan, Rev. C. .T. Stuart Rotton,
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in this country, they ought to serine as models to their
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98,800,000 marks. The aggregate income from contributions and entrance
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Dr. Boxall's observations confirmed the author's conclu-
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And after all the signature of England is perhaps the least
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rate from diseases of the respiratory organs in these towns was equal to
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trates and the police in regard to the apprehension and de-
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.L J- Foster, W. R. Wood, S. Whicher, and L. Worts, Guy's Hospital;
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April 19th, Mr. A. D. Michael, F.L.S., President, in the chair.
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diagnosis of pneumonia; at any rate, the case should be
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The employment of servant girls to clean the outside of
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free, and continues four days. She has always had on the first day severe
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by the mouth in occasional teaspoonful doses, and 3 ounces
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scribes the precautionary measures necessary to avert or
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The centre of the incision corresponds to the line. The ab-
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of treatment. His purgative saline mixtures, however, con-
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Moorfields, 1 p M.-Mr. A. Stanford Morton : .ifTections of
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had put the 21st instead of the 19th. He went and saw the
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^asphyxia from drowning, but blood with a pinkish or magenta
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Tlie term " apical " ought to be enlarged to " upper half," for
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of cholelithiasis, especially when the question of malignant
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The position of the loop of jejunum to ensure the peristaltic
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woman very ill from broncliitis. The next day the first
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was a member) it would have been dominated by the councils
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ambition and also the road to material success for the con-
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make a communication to the meeting, or to exhibit patients or speci-
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Surgeon of Rajahmundry, is appointed District Surgeon of Malabar. ,
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though this must be kept steadily in view as the true ulti-
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(London) Act which came into force only on January 1st of last
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or handkerchiefs, and it had the great advantage of not ad-
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South Wales alone, which has been styled "the Paradise of
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wall much thinned and friable, so much so that on being laid
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next menstrual period, there will occur in the course ot a day