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gastropod mollusc (Limnma truncattda and allied species), in which, from

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the air and water, enough has been alreadv laid 011

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with great feemingreafon, impute his being lefs fub-

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reparative changes by the mechanical influence which it exerts on the

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Another class of cases, those of chronic abarticular rheumatism, are most

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Committee has been appointed whose duty it is to give any graduate

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cases, when there appears to be frank pus from the onset, or pro-

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and give him what remained at the bottom of the firft

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prompt and satisfactory results it had better be abandoned. The

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quite as pathognomonic of malaria as the actual plasmodium itself. In

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during normal digestion, there is great interference with the necessary

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urine is pale — urobilin absent ; the van den Bergh test is negative —

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The exact process by which the ova of Bilharzia contrive to get out of

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relapse, is never contracted for the first time. From this it may be

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proglottides (4 to 5 mm.), which in a full-grown specimen number from

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were 147 scars found on post-mortem, a proportion of 13 to 12. The scar,

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cefTarily afcend through the gefophagus, whofe ori-

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cheeks, the fauces, tonsils, and the sides and dorsum of the tongue. The

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high price. A large fatting ox may be allowed forty

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different species. In some species the ova are poured out on the ground ; in

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mences usually between the sixth and tenth days, although subsequently

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of teeth. The stomach cannot for long cope with unmasticated food. The

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The writer has discovered a simple method of distinguishing diabetic

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Symptoms.— Ten to fourteen days after infection, and after a week

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In war efficiency the question is : What is best for the soldier ?

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not produce pain. Introduction of dilute HCL by means of the stomach

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was unavoidably absent. It is of special interest to note that with the

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illustrations will suffice. One of my Infirmary patients, a woman set. 35,

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form of diachylon pills, as an abortifacient, with direful results.

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tion to the cavity, than they are in a found horfe.

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castor-oil or Gregory's powder, on the first indication of anything going

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used to this end cause little irritation, removes the primary source of

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out of proportion to the temperature ; indeed, there can be little doubt that

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carbolic add, these have all been abandoned, and the treatment as

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oflf fo eafily, that parts of it were mixed with the

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will have chiefly military and administrative functions: another

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urine contains a large quantity of sugar. The sugar excretion is increased

glipizide generic and brand name

results from three main causes : loss of blood from haemorrhage, as in

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feebly soluble by the intestinal juices, thymol is readily dissolved by

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symptoms are due to spasm of the glottis ; when the spasm of the adduc-

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Wells, and Konig. The earliest cases were done for purposes of explora-

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if removed from the cause of his illness. In chronic cases, life is only