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regulated life that is necessary for his continuous good. Under these cir-

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rence of ulceration pain and diarrhosa become constant and severe, the

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bercular ulcer in the lungs or elsewhere, in brief, any local disease which

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1. Clinical Remarks on Gun-shot Wounds of Joints^ delivered January lO^A,

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A further justification for the present chapter is found in the fact that

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only oMained at the confines of death." " We have no need to

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ounces of Eochelle salt, or from half an ounce to an ounce of Epsom salt,

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Much light has been thrown upon the origin of the so-called idio-

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trophied mucous membrane is thickened, sometimes corrugated, perhaps

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the appetite may fail and emaciation rapidly take place. The patient is

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tion of the worm, the remainder of which returns to the subcutaneous

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receives support from the experiments of Arloing, who found that rabbits

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because we do not apply our knowledge of those physical laws to its

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consciousness. The word apoplexy is not, however, properly confined in its applica-

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If the sufferer from a morbid fear clearly perceives that his fear is

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only one opinion respecting operative surgery. Iti^ only claim is

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supplied by the obstructed vessel, appearing as an irregular mass of an

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been gradually accustomed to breathe an impure atmosphere, will

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thoroughly cleansed, and, if possible, disinfected, at short intervals.

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The duration of the jaundice is of importance in the diagnosis of the

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occurrence of hypertrophy of the mucous membrane of the larger bronchi

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patient lies on the back, with the head low and the knees raised. The

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PROGNOSIS. Death in the first stage of poliomyelitis is exceedingly

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with stenosis, requiring operation, there is sufficient accumulated experi-

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DEFINITION. An acute inflammation of the spinal membranes, not

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with which it has anatomical connections, and by whose development it

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lary circulation becomes so nearly stagnant that the dependent and

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locality and multiplied with such rapidity that most of the inhabi-

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of the sole of the foot. In this palsy the great toe can neither be flexed

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spasm may be the only apparent outcome of a cerebral syphilis, under

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TREATMENT. The only eifective treatment of a septicaemia is sur-

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duces a ferment which is necessary to the normal metamorphosis of sugar.

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with which it has anatomical connections, and by whose development it

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semble those to be found in myxoedema. The thyroid gland is atro-

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shortly after a meal. Hot water often acts as a stomachic, and if taken

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remedies suitable for the relief of intestinal catarrh and for the checking