Mestinon And B 12

form. In the former case, they are called enemata, ivjections, or clysters ;
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sabetances produce precipitates with it; namely, the alkalies, alkaline
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cussion. Although a local application, yet its effects upon the
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courage, (except on any sudden mental excitement,) as to
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rienced this whilst travelling over the sandy deserts of Africa ;
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ness in strychnia of the nux vomica and the bean of St. Ignatius, it
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few instances, nothing like sleep can be obtained from any ordinary
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* Dr, Julius Akbaii!i« of London, who h liigh nuthoritj on e1f^cl^ica1 8nbj«?otJj, fitatoi 1
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colonized with the coagulase-positive Giorgio strain could not
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other observable effects ordinarily result than perhaps some increase of
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the house ! How often does the physician have to regret the
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1 appficaikai of this agcfkcr of coid is to the soppresskin of henMr-
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second stage of the disease, produce a fatal result in cases, which, if]
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depreasion proportionate, at least approximately, to the previous exalta-
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"ana -auiz TvuurpfL 1rr iitt^r rm —•ttuit* ▼'Hi -afi imtitL ii 'an ibk wBii
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cise a much greater proportionate influence. It would be best, therefore,
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The pains of tetanus, for instance, cease before the muscular spasms, but
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necesi^ary to oxcoed two grains of opium, or an equivalent quantity of
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result may be readily accounted for. Some of the cases depend easen-
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as far from the hue of health, as the sickly delicacy of the
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employed more fur the relief afforded to inflammatory, and ottai
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may, in this sense, be considered as simply signifying that it cootjuntl
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80M Capsioi, U. &), which is made in the proportion of two drachms to
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former may be used in larger or i?maller fragments, or finely pounded.
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ery and relapse, or with a more or less continuous course of deteriora-
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sequently a considerable proportion of the carbonate is changed int
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tion des movemens dans l'organe cerebral, toutes circonstanccs nccessaires
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case, there would be an end of those absurdities which they
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which satisfies the soul ; that we have here to add
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found capable of doing without it. Sometimes there is an advantage
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conductor of caloric, yet when spun it is not nearly so warm
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a current of galvanism from the nape of the neck to the pit of the
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of, are more than sufficient to induce us seldom to recom-
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as can be seen from Figure l,isto be found in animals kept at 5° C
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F^oitmUnm Tormeniiilm. or 9epi/oiL a European plant. This is a stmpte
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other physical states of the atmosphere. In neither of these
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eliminated from the system, it must have been absorbed in order to pro-
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directly reach, tamitc neid has yet l>i*en biphiy recommended, as an inter-
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son may be nourished by nutritive enemas, or by being im-
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use was suggested by the originator of the homoBopathic delusion, upon
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compression, partly by stimulation. Employed for the latter effect, it is
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from the suspension of the respiratory proce.'^s, either through the direct I
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gen. Certain combinations, likewise, of these substances,
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likely to be, particularly among the higher classes,