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in point of law ; it enumerates the officers of the

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was a graduate of Harvard College, 1812, and practised

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asserts that the application of the wax of the ear to

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that the latter disease did not exist in antiquity.

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how unjustly he had been treated before his trial and

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tain extent there is undoubtedly some foundation for the

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R., rain; T., threatening; N., snow; —, below zero, f Indicates trace

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for laboratory animals, in both the dry points and the

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It is not only for the sake of the mother, but for the

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usually be entirely effective in producing a cure, and

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vision of all matters relating to the medical staff,

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Tappan, J. W., acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave of

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Jan. 26, 190.3, the blood showed the following condi-

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• Retention from Displacement, Bending and Valve-formation

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probenecid (benemid) is used with penicillin

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tary has a large excess of quinine over its immedi-

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size to the reputation of its professional men. no matter

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lose of clinicians, sanitarians and i)athologists, and

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.should have a height of not less than 14 feet, and be

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