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as Hicoria laciniosa (Sargent) or Carya sulcata (Nuttall).
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and 22.6 fat; white perch, 19.1 protein and 4 fat; pike, 18.6
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is secured around his neck, and over this a rubber sheet is similarly
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lunch and dinner. He was ordered to be at once well scrubbed with soap and
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him before the unpleasant symptom occurs that this is the usual effect,
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will have cause to be grateful, if he appreciates that the indication is
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(a) Infected Drinking-water. — In the vast majority of instances the
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retro-peristaltic action of the accelerator muscle. This process is a
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Moselle— German and Italian Wines— American Wines— Cali-
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Great care was taken to choose only the best of a very large
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talis, whiskey, ammonia, and such remedies as the case may
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Again, this is a fact of great importance both practically
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leaves the milk in the most palatable condition of any of the
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tressing features of the disease. Intermissions may occur at the begin-
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forms purely a physiological act, and a regular storm of it
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tion of 60 units (1 cubic centimeter of the No. I. serum) afi'ords pro-
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future. It is a science of the first importance in every respect,
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of the douche is suddenly or gradually lowered — all these are modify-
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such work has been taken from the domain of general surgery
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heating process; but after the latter there was an enormous increase of
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scess-cavity is formed in a manner similar to the intestinal ulcers. The
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with water, three basins, at 60°, thrown over the body, to remove general nerve
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Pecans. — The Carya olivcsformis, or hicoria pecan, is a
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teaspoonfuls, or until the jiatient begins to ex])crience a burning
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ward, and gradually invades the entire lung. It is unilateral. Second-
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into the vessel, as in chronic phthisis. It causes infiltration of the arterial