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Treatment. — The general line of treatment that I have given for

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ante-natal development, and the heart may become displaced upward in

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The physical examination will discover a swollen, extremely tender,

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The glandular enlargement becomes obvious on the second or third

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The thermal springs whose waters are alkaline or contain sulphur,

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and passive motions to aid nutrition and stretch the contracted

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Oertel's method comprises three parts : (1) The reduction of the

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which the pressure can be gradually reduced until it is approximately that

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which is caused, in the immense majority of cases, by paralysis of respira-

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upon these neoplasms. " Thumb-suckers " diifer from mouth-breathers

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the development of this tape-worm in the human intestine.

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Treatment. — The blandest dietary must be insisted on, as well as

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the thymus to the fascia over the sternum, Avith the result that threaten-

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from one-ninth to one-fifth of the organ. The animals became diabetic

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Varieties. — (a) Simple acute endocarditis ; {h) ulcerative endocarditis ;

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after the effusion is considerable in amount that the cyrtometer shows

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syphilitic or carious affections of the bone, or from pressure due to tumors

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The Tomitus is ?jilious : rarely contains There is " coffee-ground " vomitus : it is

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chlorid (1—2 c.c. of a 2 per cent, solution) ; then mix with an equal quan-

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blood to the dependent portions of the lungs. I have witnessed excel-

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characteristics : 1st. In its distribution it follows the course of a nerve-

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by falling out of the window. Auditory hallucinations may take the

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marked in acute inflammations and in infectious febrile diseases aecom-

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through. It is important to test the strength of the current beforehand

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swollen, tumefied, and reddened mucosa. These changes affect the

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All hospitals are requested to begin conjoined research along the lines

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the Museum of the Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris, with explanatory wood-

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inguinal glands are apt to be indurated and enlarged. Proliferative

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International Congress appointed by the American Institute has

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guished clinically ; the latter may be acute or chronic, and the lesions

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as a rule, elicit a history of previous hysteric seizures of laughing and

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new-born, {b) Grave forms of anemia, as pernicious anemia and chlor-

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of the latter may be so indefinite and obscure that the former takes on

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adhesive lAeurisji, in which the course and physical signs correspond

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when out of doors and not to sit in drafts, as neglect of these precautions

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in Douglas's culdesac with fixation of the uterus and inflammatory