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To illustrate the homoeopathic treatment of a case of peri-
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facing Broadway, and tells of his many virtues and noble
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gist of extensive practice, ophthalmological surgeon to St. Joseph's
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ogist. He has been Professor of Diseases of the Ear in the New
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health and morals of the British people. From these, emanci-
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from the administration of a ten-thousandtJi of a grain of a drug?
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these cells are found in clusters, embedded among the large
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five, strong and robust, applied to my brother for treatment.
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many other medical institutions and activities. Dr. Bulkley is a
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as obstructive dysmenorrhoea, it is comparatively rare ; and says
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or physical, which by nature they were designed to do. There
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New York State Medical societies, and the Buffalo College of Med-
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* During the Balkan War it was observed that at short distances,
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uterine displacement of any kind or degree was ever cured,
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in their instruments, and that all clinical thermometers put upon
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found in his book, "The Evil Eye and Other Essays" (1913, with a
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to clinical study and laboratory work. The ten years
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morning on waking, with frequent hawking and difficult raising;
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But Sims was not only a leader in his own department,
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soft parts are most often not in connection with the bony
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The difficulty encountered by those who would dispassion-
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and disease from those of former times. Our profession is
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Diagnosis. — A single wound, hard and painful swelling,
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commissioners presented to the Legislature in 1890, fearlessly expos-
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tional equipment of learning and skill. Dr. Bulkley is a representa-
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a sample of the patient's urine. From this he had prepared
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Dr. Brooks is visiting physician to the City and Montefiore hospitals,
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tisia y bryonia, Pulsatilla, and ipecacuanha, — chosen according to
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der, Kiistncr, and Hahn, of Berlin; Sanger, of Leipsic ;
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some pathological theory : with them it is not the patient, but
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