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Office which has taken advantage of the world-wide organi-
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expected, the pulse becomes very small and then hardly perceptible at
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also be traced. The depressing effects of a damp, muggy
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Symptoms. — The first indication is slight huskiness of the voice,
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whether it be in the performance of the most complicated moyements
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covered with a thick coating of mucus, which greatly interferes with
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antiseptically, no pain results during the liealing process. A
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site. It has been surmised that the blood of the crocodile, on iTirhich the
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Emaciation was very pronounced in 17 with goiter and in 6 of the
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The prognosis improves with each advancing year; the earlier hemo-
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would be useless to apply any number of matches to start the fire.
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Thrush. — One kind of stomatitis, however, has a specific origin in
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■•: X. Trrrvrc. j ^c. iLOjniin^ :o wiij.t we swallow. One can
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mals deprived of the suprarenal capsules is a poison acting
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pending rather on the nerve-changes entailed b}^ the disease of the
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BRECON INFIRMARY, Brecon, South Wales.— Resident House Surgeon ;
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Homes for Inebriates Association for 1892-3 the Committee
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been, or is being, adiressed to all old pupils of Sir William
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An American medical ofiicer has been sent to Hamburg by
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From the description just given of the experimentally produced
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The Executive Committee was then appointed as follows : —
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the disease. On the other hand, blood impoverishment is often the
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Diphtheria of the eye is thus described by Dr. John H. McCullom, in
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Down, on May 19th. For some time past he has been in deli-
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chronic febrile complaint, like tuberculosis, and it indicates that whole
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restore animation, with the patient lying on his back, pro-
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dritic processes. Exactly similar cells are found in the ganglia attached
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diuretics should be only of one class, viz., an infusion of digitalis, and
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sitting beside another girl, and had her arm accidentally
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may be given in iV gr. tablets at night. In weakly children, who begin
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S-urgeonLieutenant Colonel, April 1st, 1887. He was with the Burmese
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G<3vernments and the medical services in order to secure suitable men
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which are the Filaria lea, a cylindric worm of about 3 cm. length, whose
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but even this passive exercise should not last more than twenty minutes
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years they might be rendered immune from the attack by commencing
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teachers by his hard work and tlie ability he displayed in the
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would think of blaming the brain for this damage. Yet an a]X)plectic
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any number of bodies being buried, and that if any investi-