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ceptibility. Children are just as liable as adults ; in the former malaria

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are of firm consistence externally, although tending to soften at the centre.

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ing are the most useful bread substitutes: — (1) Gluten bread, which ought

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form of pyrexia is the usual type, the highest temperature not exceeding

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T have had no experience in the use of the hot mustard bath

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horfes, and are fubjedl to the fame difeafes ; confe-

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the forehead, the horfe carries his head ill •, and when

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reports of the rise in resistance to infection produced by exposure to

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then thrown on his back, and the fcrotum, or purfe,

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which possess strong convulsive properties, and which determine effects

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should always be borne in mind. Every possible means should be adopted

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telescopes in 1609. Tradition says that another man built a telescope

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*' ing, nearly as men are on the firft attack of a fe-

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hesitation, and in rare cases hydatid and obstruction of the common bile

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the furrow can be felt during life. Ascites and any very large abdominal

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practitioner has kept away from what was "unauthorized," and ha.«

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elsewhere in the abdomen. Bumbling and gurgling may sometimes be

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used his own saliva, circumcision, and vaccination. In mediate infection,

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water, it is possible to so apply a knowledge of dietetics as to spare

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The reflected pain and cutaneous tenderness due to disease of the liver

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Symptoms. — The two prominent symptoms of the disease are thirst

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chapter on diseases of the skin. Lichen urticaria and boils are also

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are to a less extent bombarded with impulses coming down from the

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Although the victims of hereditary syphilis may be born healthy-

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*' intcllines of the horfe, that they make their way

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also liable to headaches, gastralgia, vomiting, and attacks of palpitation.

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fever concurs, in the main, with this act in the plasmodial drama. I

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Many cases of auricular fibrillation have good compensation and

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and ftimulating fubftances taken dpwn into the fto-

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toxemia" and most probably as ''of the nephritic type". There is a

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have been induced had the same substances been administered by the

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I now return to the horfes of this country, a (hort

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the tropics, and not everywhere there. It is particularly prevalent in the

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bread, or groin, as happened in the contagious "dif-

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The treatment of phosphorism, as observed among match-makers, is

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cardiac disease, when there has been recent bleeding from any part, or in

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tendent, after the meeting told me they were much impressed by

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o^rcat man, and that principally .for this obvious reafon : Nature,

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In severe remittents, in continued malarial fevers, and in pernicious

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has been suggested, in which antirabic serum is used to combat the disease ;

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Influence of surroundings on bacilli. — There is good reason to believe

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The official tigures are: Totally blind — 41 cases; one eye