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the gouty condition, and so may sore throat, generally of an
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by milder measures to bear such a dip with a good reaction, these
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teristic, as a rule not being high, and the pulse is rapid and weak, being
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tolerance ceases. In syphilitic cases the indications are
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that does not extend below, but practically replaces the epithelial
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tributed greatly to the cure. In this manner are probably explicable
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course, should be sterilized, as should the lubricant used, and
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toration of mucus is freer than in uncomplicated pneumonia, and over
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shown, the value of these therapeutic procedures depends upon such
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Germs — Toxines — Immunity — Inflammation — Operations Forty
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Moreover, these vessels are also connected with the deeper circulation,
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it. This is important, not only because shock is thus prevented, but
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(c) Abundance of sunshine is demanded by the consumptive. The
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patient is controlled by a valve, and may easily be raised to 180°.
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glass or porcelain. I wonder the trade does not supply glass
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and hence within a remarkably brief period of time a whole nation may
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derivative effect of a good sheet bath becomes evident.
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instances, however, in which this disease develops in the course of the
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alcohol. Age renders them dryer as the sugar goes to alcohol,
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cessant influence goes out, acting upon the contractility of all arteries
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pictures of this change, taken from the brachial artery, together with
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temperature may remit, but continues high ; the urine is albuminous ;
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fracture-dressings. In compound fractures antisepsis has
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powers financially in the way of securing the greatest safety from
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complications, such as pericarditis, endo-pericarditis, pneumonia, etc.,
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averages about 45°. The long room is heated by iron stoves, is open
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the alligator pear. It is used medicinally as an astringent
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etc., are concerned, for the environment. The altitude should
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assimilable. Pciito-Maugan (Gude) fully meets these require-
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The liver is also engorged, but not to the same extent as the spleen.
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severity, and a little later restlessness, mental confusion, and a delirium
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of value as first pointed out by Kocher, showing in the early cases