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It is hard to determine whether the submaxillary and cervical
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All communications on editorial matters should be addressed to
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nature, fail to commend itself as worthy of support? The method
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saccharose, while three of the control stains failed to ferment glucose. Three
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affirmative answer, at least to the clinical side of the question.
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for though 1 have often heard the rind spoken of as poisonous,
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these two products that a toxicity of 1 : 100,000 could be obtained.
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the remarkably low mortality of 2-8 per cent. The effectiveness of anti-
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Uterine capsules. The use of the uterine canal is excellent since it is
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yellow fever, etc. In chronic liver cirrhosis the fibrinogen is often
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F. W.^ This was a case which we have already reported in
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time with the onset of the vascular disease. So commonly have
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of the measles strains fermented glucose, dextrin, and in some instances
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number of red cells increased. The general condition improved, the fever
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Martinet (1) records his observations on 29 cases of aortic aneurysm,
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This patient has taken no benzol since January 9, and left the hopital
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decline of an attack of amoebic dysentery. The writers come to the
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the application of the finger. There is a particular form of
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but it seems to us that they can have no place in any quantitative
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Pentimalli, F. (7). VII. II nistagmo. [VII. Nystagmus.] Riforma med.,
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enlarged prostate. Of the 41 fresh cases 8 were associated with fracture of
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1. (6) The autopsy records of the Massachusetts General Hos-
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studied by Rowntree and his co-workers. The details of drug
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poietic organs were examined histologically. The results showed that
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4 Art. 8. Complaints against any member of the College may
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solution retained its original color. The fine particles of metallic
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carry us too far to attempt to discuss it here. But a more general aspect
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Dr. S. J. Goodall laid stress upon the importance of the condition of the
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Extending their work upon the effects of X-rays upon lymphoid tissue,
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Amaudbot. Tuberculoses pulinonaires et ganglionnaires chroniques traitees
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a large amount of light absorbing material, so much so as to render