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means, without the employment of force or coercive measures, and be
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curved denticle growing out from the plate. The shark possesses a wonderful
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to do so without interference. Attempts to force down the remedies
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is liable to take it. The poison is apparently carried by the exhalations
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of great service in less severe cases of the same nature. — Dr. Luzen-
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To tke Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal,
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Notwithstanding his utter incompetency to instruct in any one of the
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to the skin anaesthesia, partly to the loss of joint-sensibiUty and muscular
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Instead of being defective the hearing-power in some cases is abnormally
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respects that even its absence would not discount the diagnosis.
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the slight injury of the thumb did not even occur to my mind as the
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from syphilis, a fact ascertained in regard to one case alone, which con-
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the flask, and some of the fluid which is suspected to contain arsenic is added,
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grave and widespread ; in four the lesions were retrogressive, and in the remaining
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quite low degree of virulence in the majority of cases, whether as regards its direct
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removal of tonsils in adults, because of the freedom from haemorrhage. The
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poisoning in young subjects exhibit signs of commencing parenchymatous
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tion, and giving the head a natural position. The child appeared large
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surface of the heart and the myocardium. The diaphragm, too, may be the seat
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administration of it, in the form of a glycerine extract of the sheep's
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stimulating salves as proiqote purulent' discbllrges.* This doctrine is
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child, she was weak and fragile — a breath would have blown out the
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same elements as sugar, is not equally nutritious, and, from the same
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13. Coficer of Uterus. — General anemia of stomach and large and
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To those whom U may concern. — The readers of this Journal — some of
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becoming feebler and shorter, soon stops ; and the heart, " the ultimum
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his or her death, and the propriety or impropriety of the treatment which
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then on the course of the pyrexia, the physical signs, the absence of splenic
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other hand the pulsations in the arteries of the ear, the muscle sounds, and
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parietes may be understood. The nerve that passes through the centre
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The principal peculiarity of the modem French asylums for insanity
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be emptied and washed out with the tube. The inhalation of amyl nitrite
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remedy has been employed successfully in frequent large doses, by Ra*
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ner of working this gum, which is absolutely astonishing. He not only
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serum is now used in erysipelas, cellulitis, general suppurative peritonitis,
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Johne (loc. cit. idem) gives a case in which one child two and a half
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poisons, that of Dr. Christison, which is the text-book for any oouiae of