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sense of smell is also deficient, but sight as a rule is unaffected.
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tus, adonis, in small dose often show their peculiar effects upon the
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31. Herrick and Janeway: The Archives Int. Med., 1909. iii, 263.
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right brachial. Next he will carefully observe the radials, and note
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considered the former case, we now come to the latter.
sildalis sildenafil+tadalafil 120 mg
42. Piettre : Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc, 1909. cxlviii. 954.
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arterioles of the brain and membranes may have their walls penetrated
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refers to the number of contractions per unit of time, and not to the
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Physical examination showed her pupils reacted sluggishly to light. There
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which was shown by Halliburton's analysis to be due to mucinous
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examination of the blood directly, a marked stimulus was given to this
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Tapping should not be resorted to unless pressure symptoms
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These facts conclusively prove that all forms of myxoedema are
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output of Period 4a is associated with a slightly greater ammonia
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viewpoint of mere accuracy of diagnosis and vital statistics, but from
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an extensive softening of the entire left internal capsule, also of the
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males. Langdon Down referred in his Lettsomian lectures to 11 cases,