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two days of the initial stage. The fever at onset is as a rule not so high as in

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(see above) suggests the possibility of the development of

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the result of fatty degeneration of the alveolar tissue. Months later the

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navel. The passage of urine does not exclude retention, as there may be

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The eruption may develop with great rapidity. Welch and Schamberg

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not to amount to epidemics. Such has been the case in the author's exper-

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the precordium is often of considerable benefit in slowing, strengthening and

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large number of immune children. There are doubtless cases of congenital

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converted into hyaline masses, and the formation within the cells of large

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and 20 per cent, haemoglobin; while Grawitz, in a case of intensely acute

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fluid exudes from the connective tissues and cavity. The patient should be

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The sublingual glands are less commonly affected, although, like the sub-

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viscera may present complications usually of a septic character, and vis-

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taking a deep eosin, again no eosin stain. Thus far changes have taken place

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ances occur; on the other hand in gonorrhoea, except in peculiarly virulent

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bronchopneiunonia. They are frequently found in cases without a typical

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capsule. The point of division corresponds exactly with the upper margin

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dangers of dried tuberculous sputum. In 1897 Fliigge began a series of

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decide which condition is before you at the time of the ex-

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tested in connection with the power of accommodation. Be

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tance. There may be special difficulty in the differentiation of the hemor-

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clear or blood stained, later becomes fibrinous, and if the arthritis is very

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loading of three years to the ages of all females within the

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joint in a rabbit, will, as Shaw pointed out, sometimes be a cause of endo-

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perfect health. A small number of animals — especially

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which, by adaptation of special device, or changes of tem-

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condition may be recognized unless there happens to be a marked crop of

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and most of the rest subacute nephritis. Pneumonia occurs very commonly

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The purport of this investigation has been to determine:

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Inunction with cold cream or cocoa butter will sometimes reduce the

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vacuole. Occasionally elsewhere in the epidermis a necrotic epithelial cell

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of most febrile affections by lowering temperature and serv-

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consists of the water holding the urinary salts preformed in

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