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resulted from causes quite independent of alcohol. Secondly,
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On Sirtfehma Hj/podermieally adminuUred in Pa/ralyUe Affea^
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The normal individual on such a regime usually puts out
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in this volume. How is this? Is it a mere accident? or is it
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The :r-ray evidence in conjunction with the history and
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that time; his urine contained 2.6 per cent, of glucose; he con-
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This formula is known as Ambard's coefficient, and the
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WiLLiAK Fabb, M.D., D.C.L., F.B.S., General Register Department.
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t, and appointed unto each a distribution of time— the day for
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This science bids fair to unlock the prison doors to the mystery of mind, and to
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by availing ourselves of the wisdom of older cities, and erecting a fouxdlixg hos-
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In an unadulterated state, and when taken from healthy animals properly fed, milk
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Late marriages are very apt to be faulty ; too often there has been previous decep-
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gonorrhceal catarrh of the urethra, or prostatitis, or a vesical
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of the child, and have been known to prove fatal." Dr. Yon Amnion, of Saxony,
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the day following the giving of the mixture. M. Guibourt,
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for him, ho should not apply to that physician nor take his medicines; because
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attain their full height at 30, remain stationary till 40, and then descend; that
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the arm, especially abduction ; flexure of the forearm on the arm,
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man in Derbyshire — ^took ita leave during the.time the patient was being caxiied
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If the patient still appears to be very cyanotic after the
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with such detail that those who have not had practical experience may be
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for the relief of hooping-cough, and its use was followed by
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must, we think, be admitted that the quantity of food which
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a certain period we have the authority of Diolorus Siculus and of Lucian, the latter
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once into the paste without even cleansing themselves ! !
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the name of reason, can insanity, idiocy, and consumption be prevented ?
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few minutes, we discovered that one side of the bag', and oue teat, were very much
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London Hospital during the past year (1865), and is arranged
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after the attack was over. In none of them was there anv in-
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But our limits forbid further examination of these books.
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producing any symptom whatever indicative of this disease.
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dine. According to some late researches of De Yiy, quinidine may
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vided means whereby the life of neither shall be in danger, nor cohabitation be de-
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derangement of the renal function may occur. These facts
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the first discharge. As the disease advances, sickness, nausea, and vomiting some-
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drinks 1 Hter of weak tea and is advised to void every hour for
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Breakfast: Eight to 10 ounces of protein milk.^ Two soft boiled eggs.
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illegitimate child should be raised from half a-crown to five shillings
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were crusted or otherwise unsatisfactory, a fresh slide (of course made
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thing towards publishing abstracts of important foreign papers ;
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cussed, namely, that of the use of cooked proteins. It is well