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A simjile diarrhoea in one suffering from hemorrhoids may be accom-

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Entero-epiplocele is a form of hernia in which there is present both

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to the weak muscles should be encouraged. If the condition is due to a

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Dislocations Backward. — This dislocation is produced by falls upon

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ties, when filled, "will give deep-seated dulness, and, when empty, an exag-

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that it never occurs in young children, my experience leads me to believe

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7. Perinephritic Abscess is difficult to diagnose, but occasionally

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of the abdomen. Fatal peritonitis usually follows. If rupture is small,

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to those proposed for the management of typhoid fever patients, yet the

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one forceps holds the artery firm, while with the second forceps, or the

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commencement. Stimulation is bad in excess ; and quinine is of no avail

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maintained. Fracture of the middle third of the shaft can be treated

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tor-oil. Warm poultices over the abdomen are usually the only local appli-

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ciently great to immediately bring on death, gangrene in the member

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infection has taken place. It seems to be well established that when the

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harmless or even beneticial in relieving an overtaxed digestive system.

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nal stimulants, and administering diffusible stimulants, the most service-

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thus often led to tell his medical attendant the whole truth — a matter

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long bones become misshapen, as do the pelvis and thorax. The urine

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shaped, and the tissues are more or less glued together, and the motions

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After recovering from the opium poisoning he contracted tuberculosis

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is often associated with a rheumatic, gouty, or syphilitic taint, or is the

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Other types exist, whicli, although irregular, are unquestionably modi^

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crutches. Care should be taken in the preliminary use of the limb, that

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second in which headache, drowsiness, and coma depend upon decrease and