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changes already mentioned in the substance of the cord and brain.
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has long since shown that the human subject of diabetes mellitus
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on the left side of her neck. She has no supertluous hair on any part of
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the pulse and relief of the accompanying pain. Remarks on the
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Orthopaedic Surgery in the University of Vermont and the
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tained," so that Dr. Metschnikoff would have no difficulty in'
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far in advance of his time. In particular he was an ardent
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tured during the first few hours of the healing process. In
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Thus, Ralph Waldo Emerson lived for some time no longer Emer-
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cases in speedy death. It was seen in the poor, pre-eminently
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If the managers had a free hand they would increase the
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that these two affections no more resemble one another than small-pox
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would appear as if most of the complaints were from students
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from side to side in their vain endeavors to breathe, until signs of
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bronchioles may be one of the chief causes of death, due largely to suf-
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in children, may be that it is due to disease of the hip- joint, but the
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typhoid fever. The reasons for this measure should be clearly stated.
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£200, which ought certainly to be calculated as part of the
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terests of the medical profession of South Africa, and edited
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In these eases musculo-spiial palsy followed imperfectly
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sends is contrary to the traditions of the profession, and is to be
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tilages gradually disappear and bony outgrowths, in time, produce
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may be quite prolonged, and is then not necessarily an imfavorable
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cerning the motor speech path and the relationship of aphasia
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-to bring home to the public mind the value of the work
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It is a good example how the different parts of every mucous tract
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the fulness with which the subject has been treated, but we
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the head by any apparatus are intolerable. A surgeon, however,
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amount of the disease in its mild character, and this latter
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high-power microscope, may first reveal the true nature of the infec-
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joint, such as the knee, does not respond to this measure the surgeon
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is a paralysis of all vasoconstrictors throughout the body, the arterial
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up into a crust. The lesion usually lasts for a long while, the crusts
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future all medical officers under tlie Poor-law Board will be
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Ho not you think a public inquiry would prevent accidents ?
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